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Black Friday 2020 

This year we’ve selected the best Black Friday deals for you again at vidaXL. The date of Black Friday is 27 November and the Black Friday weekend lasts until Cyber Monday on 30 November.

As no one can resist a good sale, we’re very happy that Black Friday has found its way from the US to other countries and is taking place all over the world for several years already. A lot of offline and online stores are joining the discount festival and are making sure to give you the best offers during Black Friday 2020.


Black Friday background story

In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is the moment to go all out when it comes to finding the best deals and discounts. It’s the beginning of an insane shopping period before Christmas, where people even camp out in front of stores until they open, just to get the best offers. The name Black Friday refers to busy traffic the day after Thanksgiving when everyone in the US goes out to find the best bargains.


Shopping tips for Black Friday sales

Make sure you come prepared! The high number of people makes it impossible to go a store just to check what their bargains are. You need proper planning to get the best deals on Black Friday. The same goes for Black Friday at vidaXL.

  • Make sure you’re the first one to know what the Black Friday deals for 2020 are by subscribing to our newsletter and by following us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll share all our offers before Black Friday starts and you will continue to receive exclusive deals, even after Black Friday 2020.
  • Another way of preparing is to make a wish list and add the products you’d like to buy to your cart before Black Friday starts and apply the coupon code as soon as it’s shared. At vidaXL you’ll find a wide range of deals, such as furniture, tools, sporting goods and toys.
  • Stick to your budget! Although Black Friday is the right moment to get more value for your money, keep your budget in mind and plan your purchases carefully.


Save big online with Black Friday deals & sales

The last month of the year is often one of the most expensive one, so shopping during the sales can be quite a money-saver. Black Friday is the perfect moment to get things like sporting goods, tools, furniture, or do your Christmas shopping. The benefit of online shopping is of course that you don’t have to fight thousands of others for that one bargain. Sure, you still need to be on time, but you can be there in your PJ’s from the comfort of your own home. Besides Black Friday, many stores also have Cyber Monday on the Monday after of even have a whole Black Friday weekend. Don’t forget to check our deal page for an overview of our latest offers and sales.


Don’t miss a single vidaXL Black Friday deal

On the 23rd of November, you’ll find the first special offers at vidaXL. So, check out our web shop regularly this week and keep an eye out for our newsletter! It would be a shame if you’d miss these amazing deals. On Friday 27 November, the sale really gets going and will last until Cyber Monday on 30 November. Plenty of opportunities to go shopping and get your favourite products at bargain prices.