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For centuries, the fireplace has had the central place in the home for socializing and dining. In recent years, interest in "outside living" has also increased enormously and thus also the demand for indoor and outdoor grills. Standard 8-sided grill with a table around the grill table and an adjustable chimney is a traditional and very useful barbecue for barbecue dishes, cottages or gazebo. Both the grill and the chimney are made of 2 mm cold rolled steel sheets and welded using TIG and spot-welding technique.  The powder coating of the surfaces can withstand 200 degrees (not direct flames).

Standard set:
- Grill with the cooking platforms;
- The barbecue table around the grill. To be installed on height of 69 cm;
- Adjustable chimney. Total height of the 6 corners grill chimney is 220 cm;
- Grill table safety fence for 8-corners grills. A solid steel fence provides better grill table protection from fire sparks;
- Grill cover, which is made of spruce, used to transform your grill to a table.

Grill with chimney kit "Nordkapp S8"

Brand : Nordkapp NU
Seller : Nordkapp


Welcome to your complete shop Nordkapp.nu for a fantastic experience at home in your own garden! Sauna barrels and hot tubs made of Nordicspruce that are well known for their high quality. Customize your own solutions for maximum comfort and appearance. Together with our main products we also have the opportunity to offer a variety of popular accessory products, includingsauna hats, aromas, ladles, sauna shoes, fireplace protection, grids, firewood baskets, wheat pillows and skin care sets.

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