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Simplicity is beautiful!

The versatile barbecue is simple and elegant. Kotka Grill made in Finland does not contain mass loose parts but consists only of a complete grill which makes it ideal for public places. The grill can be used with either wood or coal as a fuel. The delivery includes the grill and all necessary mounting parts. The grill is painted black.

Grill KOTKA CITY (for public places)

Brand : Nordkapp NU
Seller : Nordkapp


Welcome to your complete shop Nordkapp.nu for a fantastic experience at home in your own garden! Sauna barrels and hot tubs made of Nordicspruce that are well known for their high quality. Customize your own solutions for maximum comfort and appearance. Together with our main products we also have the opportunity to offer a variety of popular accessory products, includingsauna hats, aromas, ladles, sauna shoes, fireplace protection, grids, firewood baskets, wheat pillows and skin care sets.

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