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This special fish food from contains Astaxanthine, spiruline, SaniComplex, SaniBooster, krill meal and wheat germs.  

SaniComplex contains chicory ingredients, which are extremely effective for the digestion and well-being of the fish. SaniBooster is a vitamin complex supplement that boosts  the fish immunity to germs.  For a lively, bright colour,  Astaxanthine has been added to the food. Sanikoi Food is a floating staple food which can be used in water with a temperature of 15°C and above.    

Due to its natural composition, the water will not get cloudy and the pond will stay clean.


  • Quantity:10 L / 5500 g
  • Composition: Fishmeal, wheat, wheat gluten, soya dehulled/extracted/toasted, krill meal, fish oil and yeast
  • Crude protein 47%, crude fat 7%, crude fibre 1.2%, crude ash 12.2%, phosphorous 1.7%, calcium 2.4%, sodium 0.5%, iron 86 mg, iodine5.8 mg, copper 5.8 mg, manganese 23 mg, zinc 92 mg
  • Additives: Vitamin A: 26000 IU, vitamin C:350 mg, vitamin E: 230 mg, vitamin D3: 3000 IU
  • EAN: 8711921234987
  • SKU: 403137
  • Brand: Sanikoi

Sanikoi Excellent All-round 5500 g

Brand : Sanikoi
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