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These 2 traffic control bollards are designed to identify hazards or indicate off-limit areas on the road and will effectively reduce traffic jams.


The bollard posts are made of plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to move around. They will form a highly visible barrier to guide or restrict access. They have reflective silver stripes to make drivers more aware of them, even in the dark.


Delivery includes 2 bollard posts and 6 fixing screws.


  • Colour: Red and silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Maximum diameter: 20 cm
  • Highly visible
  • Reflective silver stripes
  • Delivery includes 2 bollard posts and 6 fixing screws
  • EAN: 8718475592938
  • SKU: 142828
  • Brand: vidaXL

vidaXL Traffic Control Bollards 2 pcs Plastic 75 cm

Brand : vidaXL
Seller : vidaXL
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