Intex pool


Intex swimming pool

Intex swimming pools are probably the most popular garden addition for the summer season. It’s not a surprise! We all know how nice it is to swim and enjoy sunny days in the pool! When the weather is getting hotter, it’s great to escape the house and have a possibility to refresh yourself in the cool water.

If you are not ready to build a conventional pool in your garden, we advise consider buying an inflatable pool. An Intex inflatable pool instantly becomes the centre of attention in all gardens.


Choose an Intex pool for your garden

Intex is a leader in manufacturing and retailing high-quality garden pools. This brand offers its customers the best solutions for outdoor pools. The product range of Intex is very extensive, which means that everyone can find a perfect one for their garden.

Intex pools vary in shapes, sizes and the materials they’re made of. We would like to emphasize some specifications that you should consider, before purchasing an Intex pool.


Select a perfect size

In order to find a perfect size of the pool, we advise you to measure the available space in your garden and make sure your Intex swimming pools will fit. Before buying a new pool, determine if the pool will be used mostly by kids or adults (or both) and how many people will make use of the Intex pool at the same time.


Swimming pool materials

Intex pools are made of various materials such as steel, PVC or vinyl. All of them have a puncture-resistant 3-layer walls that ensure extra strength and durability of the walls. The foundation of the pools is made of sturdy steel frame that guarantees a stable construction. Durability of the materials is the key to safe and hassle-free usage. It takes approximately 30 minutes for Intex swimming pool to be installed and filled with water. After that you can jump right in!

After the pool season is over, Intex pool can be disassembled quickly t,oo. The drain valve of the pool can be attached to the garden hose, so water can be conveniently drained anywhere and fast. After the water is drained and pool is dry, you can fold it and store it inside until the next summer season.


Order online at vidaXL

You can easily choose a perfect swimming pool at vidaXL by using the filters to select the type of pool, size and shape. You can choose between various brands at vidaXL. Next to the vidaXL brand, Intext and Bestway pools are also a great option and provide a place to relax and have fun with your friends and family


After you place your order, vidaXL will ensure that your new pool is delivered to your home quickly and free of any additional charges. 

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