Hit and miss fence panels

Improve the Look of Your Garden with Hit and Miss Fence Panels  

Hit and miss  fence panels are called this way because the boards are fixed on alternate sides to create a pattern that looks the same on both sides. The design offers not only privacy but also aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, your neighbors get a good-looking fence, just like you, and the design offers a reduced wind load, hence less wear and tear on the fence.

Here at vidaXL, we have an extensive selection of hit and miss fence panels designed to provide privacy and security and enhance the look of your garden. Our range of hit and miss fencing is constructed with durability in mind. So, you are guaranteed a sturdy, low maintenance, and stylish fence. 


Robust but Attractive Boundaries 

The main advantage of hit and miss fence panels is that they are resistant to wind damage, thanks to the small gaps left between the alternating boards. The openings allow wind to pass through, thus reducing the amount of force exerted on the fence. For this reason, hit and miss fence panels are ideal for areas with high wind. Not to forget the advantage of adding an eye-catching finish to your garden.

At vidaXL, we have fence panels in different heights, so you're sure to find something that suits your garden styling needs. We only stock panels from leading brands, so you can rest assured that your fence will last long.


Invest In High-Quality Hit and Miss Fence Panels

Our fence panels make decorative and sturdy fences. They are designed to the highest spec to ensure your garden's security and privacy while maintaining its visual appeal. You can never go wrong with our range of high-quality fence panels. Browse through our page to choose the right panel for your garden. 


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