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Find cheap tables for any décor at vidaXL

We could tell you all about how important tables are – because they are – but what’s most important is that you know what tables you can choose from, and how to find your favourite one. vidaXL is the place to go for a cheap table in any style. Whether you’ve been dreaming about a long dining table where you can all enjoy mealtime together, or a rural coffee table, or even an industrial side tale – the vidaXL selection has something for everyone. Apart from the various styles, vidaXL also emphasises your choice in material. Your options are high-quality materials such as acacia wood, stylish recycled wood, or sheesham wood, all of which can be combined with various metals.

Buying a table that matches your home decoration

If you’re looking for a new table, no matter what kind, it’s important to choose a design that matches the rest of your room. The styles you can find at vidaXL include industrial, Scandinavian, classic and rural. Why not go with a robust industrial table with a metal frame. Add some chairs with textile upholstery in a contrasting colour for a lively effect. Our classical tables are made from stylish wood with beautiful detailing. Many of the cheap tables you’ll find at vidaXL are made from wood. This versatile material can be used in many different design styles. Other options for tables include plastic tables and glass-topped tables. The big upside with these is how easy they are to clean.

When looking for a table, the shape is a very important factor to take into account. You can choose various shapes for your dining tablecoffee table or side table, but it usually makes the most sense to match the shapes. For instance, if your dining table has an organic shape, a round or oval coffee table is a good match. The same goes for rectangular and square.

Big tables vs. small tables – one size does not fit all!

Large living rooms require large, outspoken tables. Think of a long, rectangular design or a large, round dining table. If you don’t have quite that much space, there are still plenty of satisfying solutions. Consider a collapsible table, or a small square table you can put up against the wall.

Nothing is impossible these days when it comes to coffee tables and side tables. Why not combine various small tables in different colours, and use them as a coffee table? It will keep your furniture set-up light and playful.

Affordable tables with a unique design 

If you’re looking for that special piece to add to your home decoration, you’ll find furniture and tables with a unique design at vidaXL. These tables are known for their remarkable shapes, combinations of materials, and colours. For instance, a table made from fiberglass goes perfectly with a modern design style.

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