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Kitchen & Dining Room Tables

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Buying a dining table? Come browse the vidaXL selection

When you have a big family, or just a big living room with space to spare, a large dining table is anything but a luxury. The dining table is usually the centre of the dining area. It’s where everyone gathers to enjoy a shared meal and talk about their day. At vidaXL, you’ll find tables and dining tables made from various materials: from wood-and-metal combinations to glass table top designs. vidaXL also sells quality bar stools and chairs that are ideal for smaller homes and apartments. If you’re looking for something truly special, you can even get a table made from the bonnet of a tractor!

Tips for choosing the right dining table

When you’re shopping for a dining table, a little preparation is a good idea. And we’re more than happy to give you a few handy tips.

- Have a look at where you want to put your new table. Measure both the space and the table, to prevent disappointment. A good way to visualise the space it will take up, is to put newspapers on the floor in the shape and size of the table you’ve got your eye on.
- Choose a table that matches your home decoration style. A wooden table will look good in a classic or rural home design, but when wood is combined with metal, you’ll end up with a more industrial look. A glass table top will go well with a modern interior.
- Consider the amount of people that have to be able to sit at the table. Make sure everyone has enough room to pull up a chair. Alternatively, you could go with a bench that matches the table design.
- The shape of your table has to match the rest of your furniture arrangement. A round table looks great, but its downside is that you can’t put one side against the wall.

Enjoy the sociability of a round dining table

A round dining table has several advantages. You can chat with everyone at the table, and it’s easy enough to add a chair if everyone sits a bit closer together. Complete your dining set with an eye-catching vidaXL round table.

Found your dining table? Have a look at our dining chairs

When you’ve chosen your dining table, it’s time to pick out a few good-looking chairs, like our handsome (imitation) leather chairs to go with a wooden or glass table. Another option is to combine various types of chairs. Combine materials, shapes or colours to create a striking effect.

Bar tables for smaller spaces

Do you have a small home or living room? It’s important to use the space you have wisely. A bar table is a practical solution. Because the table is higher, it creates a spacious look, and it doesn’t take up too much precious room.

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