Tips to find the perfect dining bench

Looking for a dining bench to complete your dining area? There are plenty of things to consider like material, style and colour. Sit back and relax! We'll help you choose the perfect dining bench.  


How to choose the right dining bench

Before we start, we'll share a few reasons why choosing a dining bench is a great idea!

  • A bench will help you save space and money! A bench can replace 2 or 3 chairs.
  • Great versatility. Benches come in various types and shapes, which allow you to get creative while designing your dining area.
  • Dine in style! Dining benches are stylish, modern and timeless!


How long should my dining bench be?

Let's get into some details! Taking measurements is your starting point. Measure your space and make sure to leave enough room around it.

In case you want to buy a bench for your existing dining table, pay attention to the length of the dining bench. The length also depends on how many people you want to seat. An adult on average needs 60 - 80 cm seating width. 


Should a dining bench fit under the table?

You’re wondering if a dining bench should fit under a table. The decision is yours, based on your available space and style preferences. When buying a dining bench, take a look at your table legs or stand. A pedestal base ensures plenty of room, while table legs offer less freedom. If you want to place the bench underneath the table, its length should be min. 10 cm shorter than the space between the table legs. Placing the bench underneath your dining table is a great way to save space.

A backless bench takes up less space and fits under the table. When seeking more comfort, a bench with a backrest is for you. Place it in a bigger dining room and allow it to become the focal point.

How much should a table overhang a bench?

The table is supposed to overhang the bench by 10 to 12 cm. This rule works best with full-length benches, ensuring great comfort while sitting. A bigger bench makes you sit away farther from the table, so it's best to stick to a maximum depth of 60 cm.


Materials & styles

The aesthetic of your dining room is something to keep in mind before buying a bench. When buying a dining bench with backrest, look into stylish finishes. The fabric upholstery is the comfortable choice, while velvet or faux leather can upgrade your dining look to a fancy one.

For a more approachable style, go for wooden or rattan benches and accessorise them with colourful pillows. In terms of colour, try out tones that stand out. Consider the whole dining setup when deciding on a colour scheme. If you’re into minimalist décor, a black bench next to neutral tones will steal the spotlight. For a warmer style, opt for earthy tones with accents of colour.

Adding a dining bench to your dining area is a great choice. They’re versatile and practical, save space and look amazing!