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Buying colourful cheap bar stools

The vidaXL selection of cheap bar stools is ideal for people who don’t have a regular dining room table, but a bar table instead. Bar stools are different from regular stools in that they typically feature a back rest. This makes them just as comfortable to sit on as a regular dining chair! The vidaXL selection consists of various bar chairs and bar stools, either with or without backrest and/or armrests in various lively colours. If you have an open plan home, the dining chairs you buy are also an important part of your living room. So, choose a style that goes well with the furniture you have.

Comfortable bar stools for any interior

vidaXL is the perfect place to find cheap bar stools that will look good in any type of interior. The range of colours available means there is a suitable stool for everyone. To make sure you enjoy your breakfast, lunch or diner to the fullest, vidaXL offers various comfortable bar stools with back and/or armrests. Most bar chairs also come with a foot-rest for extra comfort. There’s also plenty to choose from when it comes to materials. Think of smart textiles, imitation leather, or wooden bar stools. Apart from bar stools, vidaXL also offers complete bar sets with table and chairs.

Trendy industrial bar stools

All this talk of in-house bars may have you thinking of big lofts, or a large living room with a kitchen island and bar in the middle. This makes industrial the perfect style for a bar stool. Industrial bar stools at vidaXL come in various kinds. What sets this style apart is the combination of steel and wood or leather. The vidaXL collections has some truly remarkable pieces, too. How would you feel about a bar stool made from genuine Asian moped parts in your home?

Extra seating for visitors

Do you have people over for dinner, or are you throwing a party? A bar stool is very easy to pull up. Because most of our stools are adjustable in height, all your visitors can sit at (roughly) the same level as the people on the sofa or in other chairs.

Buy one stool, or a whole set

A set of bar stools will come in handy when you have a bar table. If you only need chairs to sit at the counter, or if your table is small, you could also go for a single stool, or a set of two. The possibilities are endless :) 

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