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Electric Massaging Chairs

Buy a beautiful and comfortable massage chair

If your muscles are often sore, a massage chair is sure to become your favourite piece of furniture. Buying a massage chair for your home might feel like a luxury you don’t really need. Maybe you’re picturing a large, bulky chair with lots of buttons and a less-than-stylish appearance. But vidaXL offers a wide selection of electric massage chairs in various colours and styles, either with or without foot-rest. The upholstery is (imitation) leather or textile, and they come with a handy remote control. Select your programme, and let the relaxing begin!

Choosing a suitable massage chair

It’s important to choose an electric massage chair that suits your wishes. Apart from massage chairs with various intensities and massage points, there are also seats with built-in heating. The heat will help reduce the tension in your muscles. Other things to pay attention to when buying a massage chair is how comfortable it is to sit in. One factor that contributes to this, for instance, is seat depth. With the foot-rest collapsed, you should be able to put both feet flat on the ground. You can often adjust the back rest of a massage chair, but it should be comfortable in its upright position as well. vidaXL also has massage chairs with various massage settings.

Massage chairs in various designs

Massage chairs at vidaXL can be found in various designs. You could choose a bucket seat, or a chair with arm rests, a nice Chesterfield-style chair, or a lounger. For extra comfort, some chairs also come with a foot-rest. It’s the most relaxing way to watch television. Do you have a home office, or are you looking for more comfort while working? Then check out our desk chairs with massage function.

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