Top 3 reasons to start planning your outdoor lighting now

Garden · 27. September 2022

The right garden lighting is truly a game-changer. Not only can you spend the entire summer sitting outside at night, but your garden will also be a little less dark in the fall and winter. When you light up your garden, you accomplish three key goals: you create a cosy atmosphere, enjoy the convenience of using your garden whenever you want, and you cross safety off your list.

Outdoor lighting planning should begin with selecting suitable lighting fixtures for your needs. Their placement is also relevant. We have plenty of front yard and backyard lighting ideas which can help you make this decision.


Outdoor seating with string lights for ambience

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Modern balcony with string lights and a lantern

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1. Set the mood

There are endless ways you can enjoy your garden after sunset. All you need is proper house exterior lighting and your best creative abilities. For instance, if you like dining outdoors, you could use garden lighting that offers enough light for comfortable dining while accenting your outdoor furniture set. One option is to use creative centrepieces on the table itself, such as lanterns, candles, and other lovely lighting accessories, or you may hang lights over the dining table to put it under the spotlight.

2. Make it practical

Garden lighting is just as important as indoor lighting. Besides being able to set the mood as you please, the right outdoor lights help you make the most out of your backyard. Ensure the proper pathway lighting for when you come home at night or for continuing reading on your sunbed even after dusk. Additionally, you may use garden lighting to draw attention to your favourite outdoor features, including your porch, decorative pieces, or even your pond.

3. Stay safe

It's essential to have good visibility in your front and back yard for a number of reasons. You'll be able to safely secure your home against burglary, in addition, to easily navigating your pathways at night. If you live in an area where there are wild animals, garden lighting also lowers the possibility of furry uninvited visitors intruding.

Consider a sensor-equipped wall lamp that you can hang close to the entrance or back door, for instance. It will turn on when movement is sensed within a set range and turn off again automatically after a specified amount of time. You can also choose a variant with a twilight sensor. This lamp switches on when it gets dark and switches off again when the sun starts to rise.


Terrace with lights in the ceiling and on the floor

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Garden lighting recommendations

Wondering what type of light is best for the outdoors? There are a number of factors to consider in order to make an informed choice. The first thing to do if you live in a high-humidity area is to make sure you get a splash-proof outdoor light. Second, you can pick from a variety of materials. This might be made of stainless steel, but there are other lovely lamps made of metal or aluminium.

Last but not least, you have a choice between lighting that use electricity, batteries, or solar power. The latter group is gaining popularity as a result of its lack of installation requirements. Since they are usually placed on the ground, you may easily move them if you would rather have more light somewhere else.


Rooftop lounge with string lights

Rooftop lounge with string lights

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Types of outdoor lighting:

      Garden pillar lights are a popular choice for illuminating the outdoors. These post lights come in sets of four or six or can be purchased separately. They might feature one or multiple lanterns, depending on the amount of light you need, and have different heights (100 cm – 230 cm).

      Lawn lights help you emphasize the natural beauty of your green yard. Ground lights typically run on solar power, are waterproof, and automatically turn on at dusk and go out during the day. You could also opt for mini torches or even chain fences with solar lights, for a more farmhouse-inspired look.

      Outdoor string lights are simply charming. They give you the freedom to hang them anywhere you like: in your small trees, along your deck railing or roof. Some of them work on batteries, others run on solar power, and they also come in a variety of cute shapes.

      Solar lamps are advised if you are looking for an energy-efficient garden light source. The lamps are charged during the day so that they can cast a lovely light at night. Additionally, some lamps come with extra batteries. The benefit of this is that they will always light, even on overcast days.


Terrace with lights hanging above seating area

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Outdoor lighting do’s and don’ts

Things to do:

  • We advise using LED lighting. They are more durable, environmentally friendly, and safer because they produce less heat.

  • For a cosy ambience, opt for warm-toned LEDs.

  • We advise you to pick a sturdy material that has been treated to be waterproof if you want to enjoy your garden lights for a long time.

  • When deciding on the material and its colour, make sure it suits your garden's landscape. White fixtures stand out in a darker setup, black ones are more fitted in an industrial-inspired décor, while metallic shades are perfect in an almost all-green garden.


Backyard seating area with lots of light sources

Bohemian patio with hanging lights and curtains

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Backyard terrace with decorative lights on the awning

Backyard pool area with fence and wall light fixtures

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Things to avoid:

  • Make sure to bury all wires when using electric garden lights to safeguard them and prevent accidents. In addition, we advise hiring a professional electrician for their installation.

  • Be careful not to go overboard with the number of your garden lights. To get the ambience and functionality you want, decide to install fewer lighting fixtures in the most efficient locations.

  • Light up your garden but do not shine lights directly on your house. Use your creativity to strategically place the lighting fixtures to cast soft shadows and create a cosy atmosphere.


Terrace with a barbeque and string lights

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