🏡 Spring Gardening Tips & Decorating Ideas



Gardening in a greenhouse


Winter’s cold scent might still be present in the air, but we can slowly start peeking into our gardens. This is your cue to take up spring gardening and get your outdoor area in shape for a new season.

To prepare for this year’s spring gardening, you need to evaluate the damage made by the cold months. From hardscaping to spring clean-up, there are several chores to go through before moving on to a more fun task – garden decoration. Here are some of the most important steps to follow when you’re getting started with spring gardening.

Gardening in a greenhouse


🌱 First 4 tasks in spring gardening

If you’re new to caring for an outdoor space, you might wonder when to start gardening. The best time to assess the state of your garden after winter is between late winter and early spring. Think of it as a little health-check for your plants before they bloom again. To do so, you may simply follow our spring gardening tips:


  • Begin with a general clean-up. Your planters and garden beds might need a plant debris cleaning. Make sure you remove any fallen leaves and branches to tidy up your green space.

  • Check the state that your plants are in. The cold winter weather can damage your plants, so springtime is the right time to replant them. The soil you’re using needs to be rich enough in nutrients to help your plants thrive, so you might want to test its quality. Afterwards, we recommend feeding the soil with whatever organic materials it needs, such as fertiliser or compost.

  • Prepare your garden for spring by pruning and trimming everything that has been affected by snow or ice. Each gardening season starts with a bit of maintenance to allow your plants and trees to come back to life. For this task, you’ll need to research the pruning methods that apply to your plants and use proper gardening accessories.

  • Don’t forget about hardscaping. High temperature differences might cause your stepping stones to move, so remember to level them out. Check your fences, raised beds, and walls for damages and fix them. The sooner the better, as all this work should be done before your plants start blooming. For a truly fresh start, you might want to apply a new coat of paint to your fences. Get your whole family involved and make the most out of a fun activity outdoors!


Gardening in a greenhouse


Gardening in a greenhouse


💚 How to Decorate Beautiful Spring Gardens

After preparing your garden for spring, when all your plants and trees are happy and ready to come back to life, it’s time for a setup makeover. Have you been storing your home garden furniture during winter? If that's the case, you might want to take it out, clean it, and check its condition before putting your spring outdoor décor in place.

Or you might want to freshen up your garden décor instead with some new furniture. The first thing to think about is the space that you’re working with and how you’d like to spend your time outdoors. All spring gardens look lovely and make us want to slow down and enjoy leisure time in the fresh air. But keep in mind, your spring outdoor décor has to also be practical and cover your needs.


Gardening in a greenhouse


🪑 What are some of the best spring outdoor décor solutions?

Bistro sets, for example, are great for smaller outdoor areas such as balconies and patios. Elegant and nostalgic, this piece of furniture has a romantic design that highlights the natural setting. A bistro set might be the perfect place for lazy breakfasts or catching up with friends over coffee.

If you own a spacious garden, we recommend having a look at different outdoor furniture sets. You might want a lounge set next to the pool, for example, or reclining chairs under your biggest tree. Those who enjoy social gatherings or having family meals in the garden should put outdoor dining sets on their shopping list. Getting a set rather than buying chairs and a table separately is the simplest and quickest way to design a dining area.

When deciding on you outdoor décor for spring, know that small details go a long way in decorating a cosy and inviting space. All you need to do is figure out your favourite style and find the right accessories that emphasise the natural beauty of your garden.