How to choose a dining table

Your dining table is the heart of the living area and buying one or replacing it needs your full attention. So, if you’re wondering how to choose a dining table, you should think of its purpose.

This is where the magic happens - cosy meals with your family, a place to work, plan your next vacation, or get-together with your friends. Functionality is vital when choosing your dining table shape, to ensure comfortable use for years to come.

A dining table can be a big investment. In this buying guide, you'll find more information on how to choose your dining table material. To make sure it fits your style, follow our tips on choosing your dining table colour.  


The right size

Size is key when thinking about how to choose the right dining table for your space. Pay attention to what your space has to offer, to create a balanced dining area. A massive dining table can make your space look crowded, while one that is too small is not practical. 

To know how to choose your dining table size, you must understand the layout of your space. Make sure the table fits your dining area, leaving room to move around it. The Standard is to have 100 cm around each seat, for an open design. Go over the following size guide to find your table, round or rectangular:

  • A 120 cm diameter will accommodate 4 people 
  • A 150 cm or 180 cm diameter is perfect for 6 people
  • A 240 cm diameter offers plenty of space for 8 people.

We recommend taking the time to visualise the desired table integrated into your space. Use painter’s tape or other furniture pieces to block the space required by your dining set. See how it feels in terms of size and take the correct measurements. If you’re dealing with limited space, consider opting for a smaller but extendable one. Its shape is also important for a great fit, so let’s find out what dining table shape is best for a small space. 


How to choose dining table shape

Most of us wonder which dining table is best, round, or rectangular? The shape is aesthetically relevant, but it also defines the comfort you’re getting. Keep in mind that the right table must offer 55 to 60 cm of table space, for each seat. If your dining table should normally fit 3 people but occasionally accommodate more, prioritize your day-to-day comfort. 

A round or oval table creates a more intimate atmosphere, and it’s great for small gatherings. Furthermore, it perfectly suits a smaller space, for a light and airy dining area mood. To enhance functionality, pick one that’s extendable. 

Rectangular or square dining tables are the most popular, for good reasons. They work best in larger rooms, offering more space and easily becoming the focal point. The bold lines work in your favour when looking to achieve an impressive dining look.   


Dining tables & chairs

When it comes to choosing your dining table and chairs, you have two options:

  • Buy dining sets - matching chairs for your table, to fit the style and size. This ensures a perfect balance and a correct seating position.
  • Get creative: mix and match! Adding different style chairs to your table creates a unique look. 

To solve the confusion about which chairs fit my dining table, start by ensuring at least 30 cm between your tabletop and the seat of the chair. This way, armchairs fit under the table when not used. Furthermore, keep in mind that each seated person needs 60 cm of eating space. When wondering how many chairs fit your dining table, use this calculation method to find the right answer. 

We recommend using benches for rectangular tables, but also for oval ones. They make the room feel more spacious and have more seating room. Dining benches are very popular these days and can complement many styles - from modern to traditional, minimalist to bohemian.  


Details to keep in mind

When looking to make a smart investment in a timeless dining table, there are several other things to take into consideration. An extendable dining table is always a great choice if you deal with limited space. This applies to both round and rectangular shapes and offers an outstanding solution for occasional gatherings. Just pay attention to the tabletop thickness - around 2.5 cm - when picking your chairs. 

Pay attention to the material used for your new dining table. Opt for durable materials like wood or reclaimed wood. Marble or faux marble is a great option for a scratch-resistant dining table. Glass tables are our favourites if you need to enhance the natural light in a darker room. Don’t hesitate to experiment with metal - a mix of metal and wood or just metal can offer a creative platform for your dining area. 

Table supports also influence the amount of comfortable room you get while seated. A pedestal works best on a round or square table, creating more legroom. Opt for thinner legs for your medium-sized rectangular table but explore the trestle option only when your space affords a big table.