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Wine & Spirit Cabinets

Luxurious drinks cabinet

You probably have a few fabulous bottles tucked away for those special occasions. You could just store them in any old cabinet, but why not display them in a luxurious drinks cabinet? Drinks cabinets are available in all sizes and shapes. A popular choice is a wine cabinet! These stylish cabinets offer several compartments for your wine bottles as well as places to hang your wine glasses.  vidaXL also has a some very special spirit cabinets on offer. Our globe bars are a great hit and will soon become a real focal point to your interior.

Drinks cabinets in several styles

Here at vidaXL, we have a range of fantastic liquor cabinets available in several styles. If you do not keep that much wine in the house, we have some lovely small rectangular cabinets which will suit your needs. If you are looking some something more fabulous however, vidaXL has you covered with our striking globe bars. These unique wine storage solutions will be sure to impress your guests, adding a vintage touch to your interior. All spirit cabinets in this range are decorated with a 16th century nautical chart on the outside and replica murals on the inside, so they will look great whether you choose to leave them open or to close them to hide the bottles from view. The drinks cabinets are made of Eucalyptus wood and their warm colour will be a great match for your interior.


Store your drinks in a globe

The globe bar is ideal if you want your drinks cabinet to have a decorative as well as a practical function. It will look great in any living room, saving you those trips to the basement when you have company …  the drinks cabinet is always nearby!!! The cover is easy to open and close, and with the decorated interior, the globe bar will never lose its stunning appeal.

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