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Wine Racks

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Wine racks for true oenophiles

If you are a wine lover or connoisseur, a wine rack in the home is indispensable. Store and display your most prized bottles in the living room, or keep a few wine racks in the basement or garage where the bottles stay nice and cool. Wine racks are ideal for wine storage as the bottles are kept horizontally, so the cork stays moist and you can enjoy the wine years later.  vidaXL has various wine racks in different sizes. The smallest one has room for 8 bottles and the largest stores 108 bottles.

Wine racks in all shapes and sizes

The choice is almost endless when it comes to wine racks. You can choose to only store a part of your collection, but large racks with room for over a hundred bottles are also available. When it comes to material, a nice wooden wine rack has a more classic look and feel whilst metal wine racks are a great fit for a modern interior. These metal wine racks may have a sleek design or more ornate shapes.  

The best spot for a wine rack

The ideal environment for wine storage is a dry room and a constant temperature. If you place your wine rack in the kitchen or living room where people tend to indulge themselves, a good bottle of your favourite wine is always within reach. Another wine storage option is the garage or basement. These spaces are dark and cool, which is perfect for your valuable wines. Just be sure let the wine settle to its optimal drinking temperature before you open the bottle.

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